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Title: Stuck
Day/Theme: April 3 - "Is it a groove or is it a rut?"
Series: U2
Character/Pairing: Bono, Adam Clayton, The Edge, Larry Mullen Jr., Brian Eno
Rating: 12 - angst and one swear.

Note: This one's a little experimental and dialogue-heavy. I'm sure that if I gave it some more time, I could expand this ficlet into something a lot better, but I rather like it the way it is.

“Is this going anywhere?” Edge puts a hand to his head and sighs. He's been exasperated for the last few weeks of recording and can't wait to get out of this creative dry spell. We all want something to happen, but I can tell that Edge wants to get away from it the most.
“Shouldn't we move on?” Bono paces around the room, definitely troubled by these weird silences we keep having between us. Not sure how I feel about it all, I just want there to be some form of creativity in the midst of this chaos.

“I don't think I can take this any more.”
Stop. Re-record. And again, another take, more fucking about with tapes.

“This isn't going to work.” Larry gets up off the drum stool, nearly leaving the room before changing his mind again.
“We might as well try.” Edge smiles and I can't help thinking it's a little forced this time.
Bono steps up to the mic and sings his heart out. But is it worth it? Brian looks around at all of us, waiting for something, anything, to strike us as interesting.
“No. It's not working.”
“I could delete it all.”
“Please, don't...”
He almost hit the button that would erase it all.

“I have an idea.”
“Will this one save us?”
“I don't know, but we could always give it a shot.”
“If I'm going to be honest with you, anything would be nice right about now.”
“Sure. Go for it.”

Nobody knew at that point, but the song we were about to road-test would save our lives. One.


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